Shiatsu is based on a 3.500 year old traditional Japanese healing massage which combines the principles of anatomy, pathology and physiology. The meridians are well defined channels along the entire body filled with energy which the traditional theory of the Japanese propose.

A good health is important to keep the energy inside these pathways as they are connected with each organ inside the human body and carries the energy of each functioning organ.

The translated word “shiatsu” from Japanese means literally “finger pressure”. In this massage your body will be stimulated with various techniques using the thumb, elbows, knees, palms and feet to apply the needed pressure to various point and parts of the human body. Shiatsu believes in the bodies self-healing process, and its promoting health and strengthening of the body´s own abilities.

A combination of yoga, meditation, diet and a good exercise would be a perfect combination together with shiatsu.


It is a light pressure relaxation on the special parts of your hands and feet. More than 7,100 nerve ends are existing in the human feet and with a special performed thumb and finger massage these key points can be stimulated perfectly. The main goal is to relax your body and mind, promoting the balance in your body´s system and to increase blood circulation through the entire body and especially towards the organs. The reflexology focus to keep a constant good health inside your body and avoid illness.


Our Harmony “Signature” massage is a combination of different massage techniques. Especially the Swedish long stroking and kneading techniques in combination with pretissage, a rolling, pressing and kneading of muscles and tissues. Together with balinese and japanese shiatsu techniques it is a perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow of the guests body. Movements should be slow, repetitive and with some pressure, depending on the client´s needs. This massage is to pamper, relax, stimulate and invigorating the entire body in the best possible way. For another stress reliving purpose the spinal muscles will be stretched in addition to the cervical areas.


The Swedish massage is the most common type of massage requested as a stress reducing and increasing relaxation therapy. The therapist is using oil or lotion during several basic strokes and kneading techniques to apply light to medium pressure, depending on the clients demand.

Five different strobe techniques are the characteristics of Swedish massage which are, petrissage, friction, tapotment, effleurage and vibration. The sequence of strokes will be assigned by the therapists accordingly to the client needs.

The Swedish massage is the cornerstone of all different types of western massages, especially different kinds of deep tissue and aromatherapy massages including different sport treatments.