Our Sea Explorers Dive Center at Cabilao is located on the beautiful white beach on the northern east side of the island. It is only a few meters away from the cozy standard rooms which are standing along the beach. Our dive center is well equipped with different facilities like office, small retail shop, classroom, camera room and a guest´s equipment room for personal dive gear. Cabilao with its amazing dive sites offers a great destinations for all levels of divers. There are about 20 excellent and unique dive sites which offer wall dives with amazing sizes of gorgonians, different species of pygmy seahorses, muck diving, early morning and night dives can be arranged anytime. In combination with the spacious camera room, Cabilao Island is a paradise for underwater photographers. The dive sites are not crowded and everyone has plenty of time to get his money shot in. Special day trips to Balicasag Island can be arranged easily as well as a dive transfer to any other Sea Explorers destinations. Other day trips to Pangangan and Sandingan Island are offered on a regular base.

Professional Scuba Diving Service


  • All fun dives in small groups and a personal guide
  • Local orientation and check-up dives for divers with a long break between their last dive or if divers dive the first time in tropical waters
  • PADI dive courses available from beginner to more advanced courses incl. Nitrox
  • Island hopping available
  • Dive Safaris can be organized with our own dive boat
  • Well maintained and modern rental equipment in combination with absolutely pure air is min. standard
  • Oxygen equipment, emergency communication, spare equipment, toolbox, life jackets, VHF, mobile phone, first aid, etc. are standard equipment on the boat
  • Complimentary water, tea and coffee on all the boats
Cabilao Dive Center Check In Office

Check In

The dive center opens its doors at 7am in the morning and closes at 5pm in the afternoon, if there are night dives, the staff will be waiting until everyone is back home safe. During the office hours, the check in for the dive center is possible. Our staff will introduce you to all the facilities and will give you an informative briefing about the dive centers rules and procedures. Of course we will help you to get your dive equipment ready at any time during the day. Diver Certification, Logbook and Medical Certificate are required documents which are needed to register at the dive center.



  • Diving is offered all year round
  • 3-5mm wetsuit is recommended – by 26-30°C water temperature
  • 4 divers per guide – small groups guaranteed
  • Up to 4 dives a day
  • Max. depth 40m
  • Nitrox available (32%) – surcharge
  • Sanctuary fees need to be paid in cash
Sea Explorers Cabilao Dive Center - Equipment


  • Full rental equipment for up to 10 guests is available
  • 12 Liter aluminum tanks with Yoke (INT) and DIN valves are available (please bring your adapter due to limited availability)
  • 15 Liter and 10 liter tanks are available
  • Underwater lights are available for rent
  • Dive computers are available for rent
  • Bauer and Coltri compressor
  • Next decompression chamber available in Cebu City
Dive Crew

Dive Crew

  • Executive Secretary: Marilyn
  • Dive Team Leader: Bileg
  • Secretary: Pinky
  • Dive Guides: Jeffrey, Tata G., Rosellyn
  • Boat Crew: Ronnie, Jevi, Tata L., Favorito, Payog, Rodel, Anic, Julius C.
  • Equipment Controller: Julius A.
  • Compressorman: Egay
Dive Boats Cabilao

Dive Boats

Our dive boats at our dive center in Cabilao are all equipped with Oxygen equipment, emergency communication, spare equipment, toolbox, life jackets, VHF, mobile phone, first aid. For a better service we offer complimentary water, tea and coffee. On longer boat journeys especially on day trips we have some fruits on the boat for a sweeter taste after your dives.
Katahom: Capacity for 20 divers, safaris, transfers and daytrips
MBCA Sea Explorers 3: Capacity for 12 divers, transfers and daytrips
Bargi: Capacity for 8 divers, speedboat for shorter dive trips or transfers

Dive Center Check Out

Our secretaries of the dive center will prepare your bill after your last dive with a smile. Payments can be made in different ways. Everyone loves cash, so do we and we do accept Euros, USD, Swiss Francs, Philippine Peso and Chinese Yen). A payment by credit card (VISA, Mastercard and Amercian Express) is as well possible as payments through PayPal. All sanctuary fees needs to be paid in cash. Please note that the dive center bill is a different and separate one than from the Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort Cabilao.


We are happy that we have 2 sanctuaries around Cabilao Island and we hope this will extend in the near future. Cabacungan and Pantudlan are the two sanctuaries which we have here and the diving and the diversity and amount of fish there is absolutely fascinating. To dive around Cabilao Island we have to pay a sanctuary fee, not only for the sanctuaries, this includes the entire island. Rules are as well implemented which say that we are not allowed to touch any marine life, we are not allowed to wear gloves and we should not take anything out of the water beside pictures and great memories. Please follow these rules and help us to protect this small piece of paradise.

The government is asking for some sanctuary fees to be able to maintain and protect the sanctuaries and extend them to more dive sites. Click here for detailed fees.