This tour is an all in all Bohol sightseeing tour. Everything Bohol Island has to offer can be seen in one day. We start in the morning at 08:00 AM to get the boat over to the small pier at Mocpoc at the main island of Bohol. From there

We continue by van or car to the Sagbayan Peak – here is a small park where dozens of different butterfly types are breed and come together. A lovely adventure to see so many and very colorful butterflies in a nice garden park.
Not far away from the peak we will bring you to have a look at the biggest attraction Bohol Island has to offer, the Chocolate Hills. These strange formed hills are there for thousands of year and are declared as the country´s 3rd National Geological Monument. Nobody has the exact number of the hills, but there are between 1.200 and 1.800 chocolate hills. These hills are covered in green grass, during the dry season the grass turns brown, which gave the hills their name.

After taking your pictures of the hills and the nice scenery we will encounter another highlight of Bohol.
The smallest monkeys in the world, the Tarsier monkeys made Bohol Island one of their homes. The tiny primates are normally just sitting in some trees, waiting for some insects to fly by which they catch for their snacks. Most surprisingly are their big eyes compare to their very small head. These little monkeys are very cute and souvenirs of them are available all over the Island of Bohol.

Around lunchtime we are heading over to the Loboc River, where floating restaurants waiting for their guests. These boats have huge platform which turned into a restaurant. A big buffet is waiting for everyone, once the boat left for a lovely trip along the river. Only traditional Filipino food will be served, together with some soft drinks or water. All you can eat is standard here and the surroundings while having lunch is amazing. The boat will stop at several points where locals will play some songs on their guitars or they will be showing some traditional dances. The trip takes around 1.5 hours and after we head back to the starting point we will be heading to our next destination.

One of the oldest church in the entire country is the Baclayon Church. Elevated as a parish in 1717, the coral stone church was completed 10 years later in 1727. 1993 the Baclayon Chruch was formerly inlucded in the UNESCO World Heritage List of the Philippines. The way the church was built is a wonder by itself, even the last earthquake in 2013 couldn’t damage the old church. Also for no historic fans, this building is worth a look, from the inside and outside. Old paintings on the walls remind us of the former Spanish colony, the altar and other structures inside the church as well as the watchtower outside are monuments out of the old Spanish days.
After the sightseeing, westop by in the biggest shopping mall of Bohol, for the ones who are interested and who like to buy some souvenirs, T-shirts or other small presents.

After the shopping tour we will head back to Mocpoc and take the boat back to Cabilao. So that we reach the resort before it is getting dark. We should be back around 06:00 PM or earlier if you wish.