About Pura Vida Cabilao

Nestled in the beautiful island of Cabilao, PURA VIDA BEACH & DIVE RESORT – CABILAO is a haven for divers.
Cabilao is a triangular shaped island with a total area of 7.2 square meters, west of the main island of
Bohol facing Cebu. Diving is favorable the whole year round. The island known to have a very healthy and
diverse marine life with its pristine water, awesome dive sites and laid back atmosphere; divers will have
an amazing experience.

Aside from the world class diving, the Resort offers comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable accommodation
coupled with an excellent service and sumptuous food. The breathtaking picturesque sunrise, the refreshing
cool breeze of the sea, the relaxing ambiance in the chill-out area and the warm hospitality service of
Pura Vida staff will make your holiday one of the most cherished memories that would last a lifetime.

Travelling to the resort is easy; it is approximately 1 hour ride from Tagbilaran airport to Mocpoc pier and
less than 30-minute boat ride to the Resort. There are seven flights daily from Manila. It is also accessible
from Cebu and Dumaguete via ferry.

PURA VIDA BEACH & DIVE RESORT – CABILAO is a true paradise that embodies the lifestyle of “pure life” —
happiness, health and relaxation. The management and staff is passionate to give their very best to make your
stay unforgettable and remarkable.